With the hunger to know about the reasons and logic behind how things work, we have launched our customized services in the form of this web portal – Factified that tells about the facts about science and technology. We laid down our foundation as a YouTube channel in January 2018 and with our hard work have achieved approximately 962K subscribers.

With passion and enthusiasm, we have launched our web portal, which covers the topics about the facts from a different variety. We believe that information must be shared with one and all. This is why we are here to provide the people with all the information that we collect by research.

We love to discuss and know about the things happening around us. Our daily lives facts related to science and technology are shared on our platform. With our website, we communicate with our audiences. With our efforts, we try our best to uncover the myths and let people know the truth and the logic behind the things. There could be a lot of things that you might have heard, we try to discover the reason and the logic behind them.

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To know more about us, visit our YouTube channel and stay tuned to us.